Boho Boucle Cosmetic Bag - Vanilla

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A vanilla cosmetic bag is an extremely practical accessory that should be included in both a baby's layette and a woman's wardrobe. The cosmetic bag will be useful in a backpack and a stroller bag, as well as in a women's purse. The boucle cosmetic bag can easily accommodate small essential baby accessories, such as a spare diaper, pacifier or cream. It will perfectly organize the space in a woman's purse and ensure that her keys, phone or lipstick are always in their place.

Learn the recipe for a cozy interior. Warm colors of the vanilla dessert, soft forms, unique accessories. The arrangement in light beige, ecru or vanilla brings back summer memories and makes you instantly feel relaxed, like on vacation! The boho style is currently one of the leading interior design trends. Its current, minimalist form and neutral colors allow you to create a harmonious interior straight from luxury resorts. The natural color of cotton, also known as vanilla, allows for unlimited combinations with other colors. Let your imagination run wild and create your dream arrangement.