Baby Nest with Ruffles Simply Glamour - Sage Green

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In the baby cot it limits the space, which makes the baby feel safer - the soft sides protect the child - you can wash the baby nest in the washing machine in 30 degrees - External dimension: 83 cm x 54 cm (+/-) - Internal dimension: 70 cm x 34 cm (+/-)
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The Simply Glamour baby nest in sage green is made of cotton satin. This is a classic that should be included in every baby layette. A nest with ruffles in this lovely shade of sage will be a perfect complement to the bedding collection of the same shadow, thanks to which your baby's layette will be consistent and extremely stylish.

Bring a breath of freshness into your interior with the sage green. This original sage shade is soothing, yet subtle and natural. It is a great proposition for both: girls and boys. The color that combines shades of gray and green symbolizes harmony and gives a sense of closeness to nature. This extraordinary color will look great as the dominant color in the interior, as well as eye catcher if you introduce it as a color accent. An additional advantage of this color is the fact that it perfectly harmonizes with all trends in interior design. Desert green creates a natural duo, but it is also worth checking less obvious combinations by composing this shade with delicate pink, peach or silit green to gain an original effect in the interior.

Satin cotton is the fabric from which the Simply Glamor baby nest in Desert Green is made. It combines the natural character of cotton and the stylish sateen look. Its unique weave and the mercerization process that it undergoes make the material smooth yet very durable. Products made of satin cotton do not cause irritation or allergies, so they can be used by sensitive people and the youngest children.